Skin Checks in Wagga

A skin check is a thorough examination and assessment of your skin by our GPs and doctors to check for signs of skin cancer.

Australia has the highest skin cancer occurrence rate in the world, however, with early detection, diagnosis and treatment, melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers can be successfully treated. Our GPs and doctors specialise in skin checks and care for skin concerns.

When completing a self- examination on the skin it is important for you to look for these changes

  • Moles that have increased in size

  • New moles

  • The outline of a mole has become notched or darker

  • A spot that changes colour from brown to black or is varied in colour

  • A spot that becomes develops a lump or becomes raised

  • Changes to the surface of a mole. Meaning, it could become rough, ulcerated, dry or scaled

  • Itchy or tingling in moles

  • Moles that bleed or weep

  • Spots that differ in appearance to others

During the skin check, the doctor will use microscopic equipment and lighting to canvas the skin for usual or irregular moles or spots. The health provider generally looks over the entire body of the patient. With the help of a dermascope, the health provider can assess the patient’s skin to determine whether the moles, spots or skin lesions are likely to be cancerous.

If the doctor does find an irregularity with your skin a biopsy is then performed. A biopsy is where part of the skin is removed to study the cells underneath a microscope to determine whether the irregularity is of a concern or not. 

If you are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer, we will suggest further testing and will discuss which treatment options are best for you. The earlier the skin cancer is detected, the better the treatment rate and survival outcomes will be.

It is important for you to develop a regular habit of assessing your skin and to get to know what is normal and what has changed on your body. If you notice any changes or any differences with moles, freckles, spots or skin changes it is important to contact us.

Note: Skin checks require a double appointment, please notify us when booking that you require a double appointment.

Talk to your doctor at Blamey St Surgery Wagga for more information.