Men’s Health in Wagga

Men have specific health needs that require attention during the various stages of their life.

To raise awareness and offer the preventatives and work on improving men’s health it is important that you are honest and open with your health professional about any concerns that you have with your health or wellbeing. Men can suffer from illnesses and health problems that can occur during each life stage. Our friendly and professional doctors in Wagga can help make sure that you receive the best care possible.

Men’s sexual health can see men experience STI’s, erectile dysfunction or penis problems.  Seeing your health service provider for sexual health is likely the step to identifying and fixing or managing the problem. In some cases, issues with the testicles or penis can be related to other health issues in the body and can require medical treatment to ensure that you remain healthy.

Men’s reproductive health assessments like, prostate cancer checks, bowel checks and testicular checks can lead to early detection, prevention or appropriate treatments for reproductive and general health. Men are prone to prostate, bowel and testicular cancer, with approximately 800 men diagnosed with testicular cancer, 1 in 11 men diagnosed with bowel cancer and 1 in 7 men being diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 85.  

Some men’s health issues can be related to lifestyle factors, hormonal factors, age or injury. Your GP will discuss with you any concerns that you have regarding your lifestyle habits and may suggest changes to make sure that you can be on track to be the healthiest you.

Men can be tested for high cholestorol, have general check-ups, blood pressure checks, testing for heart disease or bowel issues and can be treated for male pattern baldness or mental health issues.

It is important that if you are suffering from an illness or have any question regarding your health that you contact us. If you experience an emergency, please dial 000. If you or someone you know is suffering mental health issues or wants to speak to a professional regarding their mental state, they can call Accessline on 1800 011 511.

Talk to your doctor at Blamey St Surgery Wagga for more information.